Monday, October 13, 2008

Brothers? Really?!

Isn't it amazing how people raised in the same family, in the same environment, with the same parents, rules, discipline, praise, etc. can be so completely different?!

Parson and Joshua are SO different!
Parson is my more reserved child. Very tenderhearted, very connected with Mom. He cried almost every day of kindergarten and 1st grade. His first grade teacher would literally peel him off of me every morning while he bawled his eyes out. She would call me daily and update me on how he was doing. His reasoning for all the tears was always "because I miss my mom." It took him a while to make friends. Not because he isn't a great kid, with a great personality, but because he was too busy missing me to let himself have any fun. Things have improved greatly now that he's in 2nd grade. He has lots of friends and he actually likes school. I still worry about him. Because he is so sweet, I think sometimes his friends take advantage of that and I have to remind him to stick up for himself and that he doesn't always have to do what they want to do. He is a money saver. In real life, on Webkinz...a saver. It doesn't take much to punish him--all I have to do is give him a certain look and he will burst into tears. He doesn't get away with much because he wears his guilt on his face.

Joshua, on the other hand, RAN to school from the very first day! He speaks very loudly and constantly and to everyone! He is in no way reserved and definitely likes to be in charge. He is a spender! He wants to buy everything! I have to give him the opposite speech that I give Parson and tell him that he doesn't always get to choose everything. And that if he wants to have friends, he needs to let them choose sometimes and not always get his way. He is always making jokes and tends to tell a lot of fibs. He also tends to sit in time out a lot and it doesn't really faze him all that much. He is equally loving. He has a stronger confidence about him. He is also very much a salesman. And a good one, at that.

These are a few of their differences. I recently read a post by Octamom talking about birth order. I was a little surprised how well my boys fit the profile for oldest and 2nd child.

They amaze me every day. I love their differences, I embrace them. We all have things we need to work on, of course. As different as they are, I love them so much-- differently, yet equally.

Jaime Sig


JP's MOM said...

It is fascinating to see how birth order is reflected in our personalities.

Hope you are having fun!

Kim said...

It's great that they are totally different. I'm sure it keeps everything interesting!!

Connie said...

I love the birthorder thing and the different's amazing how different they can be!! A great post!

Kaye Butler said...

My girls are not mine. They are my nieces. It amazes me everyday, the oldest is just like her mother, walks like her, talks like her and ACTS like her. She has been around her mother very little, a couple of hours a month, if she shows up. The youngest, is just like my husband who is her uncle. The differences are huge. YARM13YOL (oldest) LAZY. Taylor (youngest) is a CLEANER, she sometimes makes me look bad.

Hope you are having fun on vacation! We'll miss you at GNO!

Laura said...

I think birth order can be interesting too. I feel pretty amazed how personalities are often so different. It sure tells me we all had different spirits to begin with.