Sunday, March 9, 2008

Silly Josh

Joshua is 4 years old and he is a very silly boy. In fact, last halloween he was a clown and everybody just loved his costume because it fit his personality so well.

I enrolled him in preschool this year and he has absolutely loved it. His teacher, Ms. Michelle, is so very creative and patient. Every day he brings home some kind of project and at least once a week he brings home a masterpiece that he has painted. They also go on lots of field trips. It has been so great and I am so glad we decided to do preschool! He brought home a vase that he had made on Friday and he told me, "mom, I made this for you, but I really like it, so I'm just going to keep it o.k. It's mine, not yours." I had to laugh.

Another funny Joshua story. He has been asking my brothers and sisters if he can buy their babies and how much do they cost? He says he'll have to start saving his money.:)

Speaking of money, that reminds me of another story about Josh. A few months ago we were having real problem with Josh hitting his brother, Parson. After trying several different methods of discipline, my husband came up what we thought was a great solution. We told Josh that every time we catch him slugging Parson, he was going to have to pay him money from his piggy bank. Well, it worked for a little while. Josh didn't want to lose his money and of course Parson was happy to take it. One night we realized this was not going to work. We were down stairs in the living room and Josh found a penny on the carpet. He immediately walked over to his brother and handed him the penny. Then he said "Here Parson" and socked him a good one.


Heiner Family Blog said...

Wow, that sounds just like Josh, how funny! Anyway, so happy to see that you've entered the blogging world. It's a lot of fun. I like keeping tabs on everyone.

Laura said...

I'm so glad you posted to my blog! I cannot believe you live right here in Utah too! I am dying to know you momo story. Email me if you would, Lauraall at aol dot com. I have a large group of MOMO bloggers I read and comment with. I hope you will join in with them too! We are a rare and different group! Hope you will keep commenting. I know I will be reading your blog :)

Laura said...

Cute kiddos too!

angie said...

Laura just gave me your blog address, and I wanted to be the second to welcome you to the momo mom's blogging circle.......that is, if you want to check us out. We all met on a monoamniotic support group and have established such wonderful relationships. I would also love to hear your story and look forward to checking out your blog. You can link to mine through my profile, or just go to

My momo boys are 2 now, but there are a handful of momo moms that blog with girls your girls ages! :) I'm a Utah born native too, btw!