Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I have been reading several blogs for the past couple weeks and honestly I never thought of myself as a blogging person, but people do such fun things and it just looks fun! So I decided to give it a try. I spent hours today trying to put together a cute page like so many I have seen. Then I decided I must be a blog idiot, because I couldn't figure it out! Anyway I will keep trying and one of these days my blog will be cute too! You'll see!


justin and jaime wimmer family said...

Good blog. Can't wait for you to get addicted like the rest of us..

angie said...

Are you sucked in yet? I think your blog is really cute, but if you want a different layout that is not a "blogger" layout, go to They have hundreds of layouts that you can chose, and then you copy and paste the HTML code into your layout.......(they have directions so you can do it). I never thought I'd be a blogger, either. Then I started visiting my friends blog and decided I needed to give it a try too. I'm definitely an addict now. One of the things I do now to save time is to use This way, I can enter all the blogs I visit, and when I check my feeds it will tell me if anyone has updated their blog. So, I never waste time visiting blogs that haven't been updated. Another thing I didn't know until months into blogging is that I could get email notification when people posted comments on my blog. That saved me time to because I stopped going to my blog *just* to check whether or not someone had commented.