Thursday, March 6, 2008

Parson lost a tooth!

Last night as I was making dinner, Parson comes in and asks me if I will pull his tooth out. I began to tell him that it was not ready to come out yet-just as I had been telling him for weeks. He started wiggling it and it looked SO ready. It was barely hanging on! So I agreed to try and gave it a little twist and it fell right out. You would have thought I'd saved the world. He was ecstatic! He began jumping around the house! He tried to call his dad, his grandma, his grandpa, two of his aunts, two of his uncles and when not one of them answered, he called his neighbor friends! And then he went over to another neighbor to show them! It was so funny to me how excited he was about it. He was the last kid in his first grade class to lose a tooth and he was very excited to show his teacher in school today. What a funny kid.


justin and jaime wimmer family said...

Yeah for Parson. He looks so cute in his glasses. I love the little things in life that makes kids so happy!!! Your family pic is so cute. Love your hair in the pictures.