Monday, June 23, 2008


That is how my weekend played out. I don't know how. I don't know why. But for some reason I woke up Friday around 6 AM in agonizing pain! I could hardly move! I was able to get in to my chiropractor at about 10. She told me that every rib on my right side was out, along with everything from my mid-back up on my right side? She also wanted to know what I had done the night before. I assured her I had done nothing strenuous. (Although I did visit her the evening before? And I only go in every 2 weeks and have been fine. Hmmm...I'm not actually accusing, here, but it makes me wonder.)

Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day on my mom's couch. Down. And. Out. And my mom is so wonderful, she catered to me and my kids the whole rest of the day. (Thanks mom! Love ya!)

I spent the rest of the weekend being pretty lazy. My right shoulder is still hurting a bit, and aching a lot. It is bearable now, so I think I will survive.

Now, a question. Anyone else go to chiropractors? What is your opinion? Good or bad, I want to hear it! I am on the fence here. What do you think about chiros?

Jaime Sig


Cecily R said...

Actually I've been thinking about going to one myself. Maybe now I should think harder...

Sorry about your shoulder. Hope it feels better soon!

TONYA said...

Ouchie. Poor you. Hope you are feeling better. I used to go to a chiropractor about my bad back but sometimes I felt like it got worse afterward.

I'd hug you but I don't want to hurt you. Take care of yourself.

Debra said...

I can answer this one!!!!! I was in college for chiro when I met DH. I had too many babies too fast so I quit. Now I live in Davenport, IA where chiropractic was founded!

Did your chiro explain what chiro is? It does not "fix" pain. What I mean by that is:

Our vertebrae protect all the nerves in our body. Every part of our body has nerves going to it. Since our vertebrae are not fused together, this allow you to bend, twist and move. When you do this, sometimes the vertebrae do not align themsleves correctly. They pinch the nerves. (this is called subluxation). Over time they cause the nerve to not work properly because they are pinched. Also, the muscles around that vertebrae adapt to where the vertebrae is now positioned out of place.

Once you start going to a chiropractor, you will receive adjustments to correct the vertebrae. The problem is the muscles take time to re-adjust back to where they should allow to vertebrae to stay corrected (where the chiro puts them). That is why chiros have you come a lot at first, then it tapers off. We go every 2 weeks for maintenance. My kids have gone since birth.

Once the muscles learn to re-adjust to the vertebrae's proper position, it will stay in better and you will go on maintenance (once or twice a month). This will keep your nervous system working in proper order.

My kids have always been on maintenance. They love it.

One time after I picked Olivia up from preschool, buy the time we got home she had a 103 fever and was lisless (sp?)... THAT FAST! So I headed straight to the chiro. Within an hour of her adjustemnt, she was FINE. No fever. It was AMAZING!

I think what you are feeling is muscular. Massage would help that. I know when I hurt my shoulder when one of the twins ran in front of a car and I had to grab him fast, the muscle took longer to heal and massage rerally helped.

Tami said...

I am a huge fan of chiropractic. I go about every 3-4 weeks for maintenance. Sometimes more often. My kids have been going since they were 2 weeks old. My husband goes when he can.

I have problems with my ribs every so often. I have been going long enough now, that when I start feeling something, I usually know what is out of alignment.

Jennifer said...

hi. i found your blog through blogger... i have to first say that your family is beautiful! :) I have only one son and twin girls! :) it is truly amazing. :)

about your post on chiros... i personally LOVE going to the chiropractor... but that is me, and I don't go that often only b/c of scheduling the time to do it and also the one we use is over 30 mins away. i think it is a personal decission and how your body reacts to what they do to you.

i do hope that you are feeling much better soon! you have a great mom to take care of you and your children all day! :)

i'll be back.

Jocasta said...

I've been thinking about going as well - I used to get alot of back pain but it hasn't been bad for a while now so I've never made it.

Lindsey said...

I guess I am the odd one out. I do not like them. I personally prefer physical therapists. I guess the idea of maintaining anything extra just bothers me.

I think with back pain all it takes in a pinched nerve to get everything out of balance and then it is REALLY painful. I had this happen last week and it was really tough. I think I did something at the gym but honestly it can happed just sleeping wrong.

I hope you are feeling better.

Laura said...

Opps it's Laura.

Good & Crazy said...

Love 'em when I'm hurting. But I've found that a round of 6 week physical therapy is MUCH better, and longer lasting?

I send you good back ju-ju.

Stephanie said...

My mom works for one, so I started going in highschool when I needed to. He treated me after a car accident too and was amazing. I've only been to this chiro and trust him. I now live 7hrs from there, but haven't seen anyone else even though I need to.

I think it depends on what kind of treatment they practice. Manipulation, which Debra explained, is what I'm comfortable with. I think the approach my dr. used is called Gonsted or something like that. There are some crazies out there who give chiro a bad name.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I never go! I'm be totally wondering too especially since you just say her the night before???

angie said...

Ouch. Are you feeling any better?

Connie said...

I've never been, and am a bit of a skeptic.....I hope you feel better soon.