Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ewrney & Elmooo!

Well, it's official. My girls LOVE Ernie and Elmo! They actually want to watch tv once in a while. They get so excited! Until now, they didn't care about watching anything. My boys watched the Baby Einsteins early on.
I know, I know, it's bad for kids to watch tv. But that may be the only 30 minute chance in my whole day that I have to:
have a shower (without little screamers at my door)
make dinner (without little screamers hanging on my legs)
blog (without little screamers on my lap)
nap (with or without happy little Sesame Street watchers on my lap)
work on my on-going home improvement project (without little helpers)
or any number of other things I could possibly have to do.
So thank you Sesame Street! We love Ewrney and Elmooo!

Jaime Sig
(This post has been brought to you by the number of the day and the letter of the day!)


angie said...

THis post is so funny. I always laugh at mommy TV nazis with one child. Of course with one it's easy. When they are still TV nazis with 4 or more, I'm seriously impressed because supervised TV (as in I select what they watch) is some times the only thing that keeps me from having a serious melt down. j/k

Good & Crazy said...

Nice Sig.

Oldest watched Blues Clues at 6 months, we were alternately horrified and thrilled.

Second loved Barney and TellyTubbies. We were only horrified.

Third hardly watched 'baby' shows, the big kids really wouldn't let him! I think he just started out with Hannah Montanna. And HE was horrified!

Kellan said...

All my kids never watched TV early on - too forever to get them to sit and watch a Disney movie. It's nice when they do - nice to have that time to get things done - I'm all for that!

Nice to meet you - I'm Kellan - see you soon.

girlytwins said...

My girls love Elmo too. I totally get you on the being able to do things without a screamer attached to your leg. I am right there with you on TV watching. Mine won't watch for long which is fine by me but that 20 minutes can save my sanity :)

Dan & Melissa said...

That's an idea....Olivia never leaves my leg...maybe she would like some TV....

TONYA said...

okay, I'll be the first to admit that we are TV junkies over here. Yes I know, baaaad parenting and all that but honestly Marisol now counts to 10 with Dora and is learning her alphabet thanks to Word World. If we are in the house cartoons are running in the background. They don't sit and actually watch it all that often, they are normally off in the bedrooms playing or sitting happily drawing and reading but if a song or part of a show they love comes on they coming running from all directions to watch it. Although I do have very 'select' shows they are allowed to watch and Sesame Street is loved by all :)

Stephanie said...

It's all about portion control! We watch t.v. here too. A few shows during times that I need quiet or to get something done. My daughter used to love Elmo, but she won't watch it anymore. The twins like him though!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I with you all the way! Sometimes it's great to have a breakkkk! :)

Debra said...

ITA with Angie!!! TV is THE BEST for when I need to get things done. I mean, when THEY nap, I am supposed to nap too right? LOL

Kellan said...

Hi Jaime - thanks for coming by today - so nice to see you. And thanks for your sweet comment -I appreciate it. Hope to see you again soon - Kellan

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

My girls love Ni Hao Kai Lan and Spongebob Squarepants. I bet they'd love Sesame Street, too, but Luke won't watch it so its easier to put on something they'll all watch. Luke loves Super WHY!, too.

I agree with Angie about the TV nazis. WHen I only had Luke he never watched TV. Not because I didn't like it, but because we were never home and I rarely watch tv. But now, with 3 kids, I NEED the tv!!! Its the only way I get dinner on the table.

Josh and Betsie said...

I couldn't live without elmo...now my kids dont want to watch it so i have to figure something else out. UGH! Your girls are so cute! I just found you on angies blog!

Jennifer said...


I totally know where you are coming from. Although my girls don't really want to watch much of anything on tv... still. They are going to be three the beginning of October and have little to no interest in the television. My son, had more of an interest and at almost 5 (the end of September) he will sit and watch an entire movie for me.

I know they aren't supposed to watch too much tv during the day... but a mom has to do what a mom has to do. :) lol

i love that you post was brought today by the letter and number of the day. :)

we live pretty close to Sesame Place... in PA, well about 3 hrs... so I guess not that close, but we are trying to plan a trip there this summer! I cannot wait. :)

take care!

Connie said...

The TV has saved my sanity more time than I can count...and there are things that are fun and educational out there...Travis often plays imaginary games that are spinoffs of something he saw on TV...it's just hard to find a balance.