Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amazing Blogger

This post is completely different from any I've done before. I want to send you all to a blog I came across a few weeks ago.

This family is amazing to me. They have just experienced a horrible, tragic accident. They got a hot tub. 5 days later, they found their sweet little baby/toddler drowned. This is what my nightmares are about. You've got to read this blog.

This woman is obviously hurting and grieving, she keeps it real. And at the same time she is so strong. Her testimony and her faith is amazing. Truly! Sorry to keep saying amazing, but that's the word that comes to my mind every time I think of her.

She posts often. And every time I read, I have to fight back the tears. And every time I leave her blog, I feel uplifted. I do not know this woman. She doesn't know me or read my blog. But my heart has been touched by her and the things she shares through her blog.

I wish I had an award laying around here; I would totally give it to her!
You can visit this blog at A Daily Scoop.

Jaime Sig


Good & Crazy said...

My in person friend here told me she ready my blog sometimes. But that she keeps up on a blog with a similar tragedy. Where a child choked and died in sacrement meeting...

It makes me think folks are willing to read these stories not for any sort of fun, but to grab onto the fact that horrible things happen and could happen to you.

I so feel for those people.

TONYA said...

I read that story last week. It's so so very sad. What a tragedy. You are right though, she is truly amazing. Her strength through this has been phenomenal.

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

The only thing I fear in life is losing a child. I can't imagine the intensity of the pain and don't know where the strength to go on is found. I hope I never know.

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I read her blog! i don't know how she does it! What an amazing woman! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to keep up with her now, amazing is exactly what keeps going through my mind too!

Laurie said...

She is amazing. Her strength and faith in God is also quite amazing with everything she just went through especially so early into the loss.
I wish her and her family the best during this time of loss and always.

Josh and Betsie said...

The wonderful thing to know and that she knows is that families are forever and that she gets to be with her little girl again. I dont think I would have the strength to go on like she has. Thanks for posting the link.

girlytwins said...

OMG! That is such a tragic story. She is an amazing woman. Her strength is beautiful. I cannot even imagine the pain.