Sunday, September 14, 2008

Joshua Tag

My sister-in-law Michele tagged me, or rather Joshua, in this fun little meme.

Name and meaning: Joshua Matthew is his name. Joshua means God rescues. Matthew means Gift of God. (I didn't previously know these meanings. I just looked them up about 2 minutes ago!) So, how did he get this name you ask? Well, we had been debating a few names (Joshua was not one of them.) and hadn't made a full decision. I pretty much had a name picked out for him, but Matt wasn't sold on it. We went to the temple one day and after went to lunch. When we were eating lunch, Matt told me that he knew what the baby's name would be. He then told me that the name Joshua had come to him in the temple. Honestly, I didn't like the name. It wasn't something I had ever considered. But, come on, how could I argue with something that came while in the temple? He remained nameless for a few hours after birth until I gave in and we named him Joshua Matthew. (Matthew obviously came from Matt). If I'd had my way, he would be named Max (after my dad) Allen (after Matt's dad.)

Age: If you ask him, he is 5 and a quarter.

Nickname: Joshy boy

Favorite Activities: He loves to color. He is constantly making pictures for people and loves to deliver them to anyone and everyone. I cannot tell you how much paper and envelopes we go through because of this child. He makes them for all the neighbors, family members, his doctor, his church and school teachers, and sometimes just gives them to complete strangers. He is very enthusiastic and can make you get excited about pretty much anything. He loves to play with his friends, play the wii, watch movies, and be very noisy.

Favorite Foods: Corn, watermelon, popcorn, popcicles, cake, spaghetti, and whoppers.

Least Favorite Foods: Tomatoes and mushrooms.

Favorite Music: I don't know that he really has a favorite. He does like Ryan Shupe and the Rubberbands song "Hey, hey, hey!"

Favorite Toy: This definitely changes from day to day. He rotates through them on a regular basis and puts them in his "secret place for toys that I love."

Favorite Book: This also changes daily.

What makes him happy: Everything makes him happy! He is excited about life. He gets excited about the little things, which is one thing I adore about him.

What makes him sad: Being told that he can't do something.

I tag anyone that wants to do this tag! It's kind of fun to analyze your kid and be able to share the wonderful things about them. So, consider yourself tagged!

And since we are talking about Joshua here, let me just tell you how our Saturday went.
Saturday is soccer day for my boys. Joshua couldn't find his soccer shirt and I was getting very frustrated trying to get everyone ready and out the door. He looked for it for a half hour and I finally went in his room and found it in about 30 seconds. Then he couldn't find one of his cleats. Again, I went right in and found it. Like I said, I was frustrated and knew we were already going to be a few minutes late. I said, "Go get in the car, now!" And I continued getting the girls in the car, along with my purse and the diaper bag.
We hit the road and we were about 3 minutes from the soccer field.
Parson: Mom. Joshua doesn't have any pants on.
Me: What?!
Parson: Joshua doesn't have any pants on.
Me: What does he have on?
Parson: His underwear.
Me: Are you kiddin' me?!! Joshua, why don't you have any pants on?
Joshua: I forgot.
Seriously, how do you forget your pants? So we turn around and head for the nearest store where I run in and buy the kid some shorts. At the check stand, I grab a pack of gum and a pack of crackers, thinking the girls can eat them at the soccer games. We started to go back to the soccer game but decided it wasn't worth it since the game was going to end in about 5 minutes. Later that day Joshua preceded to tell Matt that he had missed his game because, "Mom bought gum and crackers and wasted all my time." Uh-huh, suddenly this is all my fault.

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Are You Serious! said...

♥ Fun tag! We always have a hard time agreeing on names! :)

Jaysi said...

What a cutie! He sounds like a fun kid to have around. I love people who make everything fun and exciting. Such great energy.

The soccer story is fantastic!

girlytwins said...

What a cute tag! He is a doll.

And as for the Emmy. We keep the Emmy for our department in our office. Since it's a joint collaboration. We have three now.

Dan and Melissa said...

That is so fun to learn more about him. I'm going to take you up on your tag and do Olivia since Michele didn't tag me on hers. The soccer story..too funny. He is too much!

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

What a fun meme! I love hearing how names are decided. It took my husband and I forever to decide what to name our twins. Our son was easy since we both loved his name.

angie said...

Reading all about Joshua was so much fun. What a great idea! He's ADORABLE.

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Love that you responded with things about him. He looks cute bald too.

Can't wait to twitter with you tomorrow night. Chat with you then...

Stephanie said...

This was the coolest meme I've ever seen! I loved learning more about Joshua....the little guy that wanted to look like grandpa!! And his reason for missing the game is a classic!

Anonymous said...

Like our 60 year old neighbors says, "Josh is the man."

Josh is the closest real life example that I know of to Calvin and Hobbes. He has an amazing imagination and sense of humor.


Jocasta said...

What a great tag - loved learning more about Josh

Kim said...

very cute. I love the pants story, funny!

Mekhismom said...

Oh my goodness what a great meme! Your son is so cute and the pants thing? Hilarious!

Shannon said...

Too cute, the boy and the meme. SO glad to get to know more about him!

Heiner Family Blog said...

I swear your stories about Josh make me laugh the hardest. That was a great story.

Connie said...

That was such a cute post!! He sounds like such a character. Travis is about 5 and a quarter as well. And also a character.