Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I was tagged for this by Jocasta. Here it goes:

Ten years ago (1998), I was:
*Enjoying the single life (not knowing I would be married less than a year later!)
*Managing a Supercuts
*Living at home
*Driving my first NEW car that I'd bought myself, a Mazda Protege

Five years ago (2003), I was:
*Pregnant with my second child
*Quiting my part-time job at Supercuts to be home full time
*Remodeling our family room
*Getting ready to sell our first home

Four things I did yesterday:
*Babysat my adorable 6 month old nephew (as I do every Mon, Wed, and Fri)
*Rocked my sad little girls who aren't feeling very well
*Watched my son's very first coach pitch game
*Gave my Mom a haircut

Four shows I love to watch (in random order): (even though none of them are currently on)
*The Amazing Race
*The Biggest Loser

Four things that make me REALLY happy: (I had to list five!)
*Spending time with my hubby
*Each one of my children's smiles and laughs
*A nice clean house
*Game night
*A great sale or bargain

Now it's MY turn to tag! I tag Michele, Chelsea, Carissa, and JP's Mom.


angie said...

I didn't know you did hair......bet that comes in handy! :)

Tracy said...

fun reading about you - man would I love to have to have some hair expertise with 5 girls - agh! I love games as well - do you have a fun favorite??

Connie said...

Fun post...I like hearing some history on you!!

Jocasta said...

Great post - I'm glad I tagged you!

Good & Crazy said...

All right, that's two tags in two days. Weird. And I told Angie over at Angiescircus.blogspot.com
I'm a Meme party pooper! But as for her, I'll do it just because it's you. No promise when though...I'll get back to ya. Don't call me...

Oh, and I was DEVASTATED when Chuck didn't make it very long...

Yes, my name is Arizona said...

I love this meme. Isn't it strange to think back 10 years?! It seems like yesterday. I hope your girls are feeling better!

JP's MOM said...

Hair expertise would definitely be handy with girls!

Are You Serious! said...

♡ I LOVEEEE Chuck! I wish they would put it back on dang it! FUN list! :)